Award for best live band Maketon Maeloc 40 Principales

MINIM won the award for best live band in the awards Maketon Maeloc 40 Principales Vigo. For us this award recognize the effort done all these years trying to do our best in each show. Thanks to all those who have supported us these years coming to our lives! Thanks to all of the band members, who were or who are no longer, thanks to the new ones that have brought enthusiasm and excitement. And this award we want to dedicate to one of the members who went through the group, who has taught us many things and that unfortunately is gone. This award is for you friend: HAL9000.


Dark Festival Vigo

Cartel Concierto con Clan of Xymox

Next 6th of February we will be playing at Sala Master in Vigo, at the 1st Dark Festival in Galicia, sharing the stage with Mind Driller and InVerno.


Clan of Xymox + MINIM

Cartel Concierto con Clan of Xymox

On next September 12 MINIM will be in Fábrica de Chocolate Club, sharing the stage with Clan of Xymox, a Dutch group that has been playing since the early 80s and it was one of the pioneers of Dark Wave sound and Gothic Rock.

The tickets can be yours in Ticketea, Elepé, Bar Princess and Type.


Makenton Interview

On Saturday Salva Ronko made us an interview aired on his program Maketon from 40 Principales. If you could not hear the live, here you have the audio.


Return to the stage

Cartel Concierto Charenton

After a long break, we come back at last, and we are so eager. Moreover, we will be playing in a new space for live music in Vigo Charenton Club Cultura. See you on the 11th of July!


Live session video

Here you have a video, that is made by Veinticinco Producciones, and it's from a live session we recorded in Planta Sónica II.

We announce we are working on a new EP with four tracks and on a videoclip.


Aitor Nova's photo shoot

Sesión fotos

We have also done a photoshoot with Aitor Nova, known photographer in Vigo. This session is framed within its Rock'n'Ría project, which is trying to bring together Vigo's musicians and bands to photograph them, taking backdrop of the Vigo estuary. You can take a look at these photos at Photos section

We can announce we are working on new songs and very soon we'll tell you interesting news. Stay alert!



Now you can download the UPDM Records' new compilation freely where it appears MINIM's song, "Two points for me". More info here.

Also in short, the song "Start Fire" will be also in the physical collection "Stahlbar" from the Russian label ARTIFICIAL SUN.


Free download 0001: Yesterday I was in the room of the thought

You can already free download the last MINIM's album by clicking here. Besides, we remind you that it is posible to listen the MINIM´s albums in this web page and in their Spotify page. Here is the link: Spotify MINIM.


Sharing stage with KREATOR

Cartel Kreator

MINIM will be the responsible for closing one of the most important gigs of this Outum in Galicia. Quite so, we are talking about the Kreator, Morbid Angel, Nile and Fueled By Fire tour in Chanteclair concert hall (Valga, Pontevedra), on the next November 9.

MINIM will be playing at 1.30h

More info at


Next MINIM's live in Sala Infierno

Cartel Sala Inferno

On October 17, they are going to be in Sala Infierno once again, but this time they're being with Plus Lottus, an Industrial-Dance band from A Coruña. With this live they conclude the last album presentation to begin preparing the next record.

The concert is begining at 10.30 and the tickets are selling in:
A Coruña: Discos Portobello
Caldas de Reis: Zona Zero
Pontevedra: La Casa Winchester (C/Real 20)
Vilagarcia: Tenda Caramuxo (Av Mariña 60)
Tomiño - Goián: Tenda Control-E Dixital


Listen the last album in Spotify

You can already listen the last MINIM's album in their Spotify page. Here is the link: Spotify MINIM.


Live video recording

Directo MINIM

This Saturday MINIM has been in the studio Planta Sónica in Vigo videotaping four themes of their latest album, played live. Thanks to Pancho Suarez, the studio´s technician, and Jose and Alba, makers of the video. You can see some pictures of this day in the photo section.






Playlist on Youtube

Now, not only can you listen to MINIM's last album on this site, also you can do so in the Youtube playlist we created. You can access it from here.


Some reviews

From the digital magazine Rock in Spain, Ruben G. Herrera, does a review of MINIM's new work, you can read by clicking here.

Curiously, note that the opposite side of the globe does reviews from this new work. You can see a review published in a japanesse blog by clicking here.


Images of the presentation of new album

On December 17, MINIM presented their second album in the Sala Inferno of Vigo and on December 22 they performed in the Sala Ola Green of A Coruña. You can see photos of the two concerts on the website.


New album

Directo MINIM

After nearly a year of work, MINIM brings out their second album entitled 0001: Yesterday I Was in the room of the thought. This is an entirely self-produced album repeated with the Mutante-Records discographic. And like their first album, it is licensed under Creative Commons license.

Listen it.







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